Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pulling my self together here...

Breakfast- Smoothie FF milk, 1 pkt WW smoothie, 11 points worth of licorice ;p
Lunch- 2 eggs, over easy cooked w/ 1 t evoo, apple, peach
Snack- 1/2 C oatmeal, 1 C acorn squash
Dinner- 3 oz grilled chicken, 1 C Hubbard squash, 1/2 C ff cream of mushroom soup, peach
I got in my other t of evoo, both dairy, 2 lean protein, 7 fruits and veggies, all my water plus MORE, multi-vitamin, whole grain and a partridge in a pear tree ;D  I am very satisfied and ready for bed, but alas, I have choir in 20 minutes.  I am POOPED out!

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