Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Back in the saddle...

...yet again ;)  I have no idea how much I weigh but it cant be good.  I'm not waiting for new year's to track.  There is no time!!!  My oldest daughter got engaged a few days ago so I have a wedding in my near future!!!  I also have a few stress fractures in my foot so I can't exercise for a few more weeks :(
I am going for a lower ppv target than usual.  I'm going to do my best to not eat my weekly ppvs...I've never been able to do that in the past but maybe the looming wedding will help with my motivation... maybe not.
My house is FULL of naughty food :(  ALL of it is my favorite!!!  I just need to chill out and sip my tea ;)
I ate way too much over the last few weeks... actually over the past two years!!!  Judgment day is here... since the world didn't end on the 21st ;)
Happy Boxing Day!!! Xoxo


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Up a goals

So I was up this week 1.6#'s :p. Not really too surprising or unexpected as I was sick all week (thought it was allergies but I'm pretty sure I am just regular sick), and I was having my period.. sorry boys...  Any hoots my logical side has been speaking to my irrational lazy depressed side and may be making some minor headway.

So here is the skinny, 60 minutes of moderate to intense activity burns abt 800 calories at my horrific weight.  So activity in addition to driving to my daily ppvs should help me lose weight faster.  Yes, today it is all about fast.  I need fast.  Don't we all?

I'm going back to watching Bones.  I plan on being fully recovered tomorrow so I can get back to sewing / work.  I have two more projects for hire and 4 personal sewing projects that need to be finished before Christmas.  You can check out my antics over at

I am counting on the exercise to boost my mood and help me get a grip with my life.  Wish me well ;)


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weigh In Day Follies

Yeah, so after my most triumphant weigh in yesterday I did the usual... pine cone (donut thing) for breakfast... left over chicken divan for lunch ....and for dinner... wait for it... a double double ANIMAL STYLE, fries ANIMAL STYLE and a Neapolitan shake to chase that heart attack down at In.  Truth be told, I really needed a LARGE diet Pepsi to wash it all down, but it sort of some how seemed a bit to ironic... and a bit embarrassing to ask for it...
Any hoots, I didn't get on the scale today, just because, you know, the shame of it all.  Today is much better because it is fast sunday.  I am cooking a turkey and it smells SO good!  I'd better get back to dinner fixing!

-- xo

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Full disclosure

Since I no longer work for weight watchers I can be much more free and uncensored with my blog posts.  Aren't you excited.  Well I said I was FAT but today I am going to share how fat I am.  Are you ready to be disgusted?
So my FATTEST ever before I started ww was 255.5 after I had my 6th child in Dec 2005.  I lost weight on my own and joined ww at 217.something in may of 2006.  My goal weight is 174 which I reached in November 2007.  I was in the 170's until January of 2011(after getting hit by the car while running in Oct 2010).  Just last october i was still only up to 190.  The weight just piled on this year until I hit critical mass 4 weeks ago weighing in at 215.4.  HOLY CRAP-AN-OLI!!!!!  So, today I weighed 206.6 :)  So that is really not a happy face kind of weiht, but it is progress.  I am hoping for below 200 for my Christmas present :)
So there you have it.  My FAT history in a nut shell...a REALLY big nut shell.
So say something nice, won't you?


Friday, November 30, 2012

'Twas the Night Before Weigh-in...

Tomorrow morning is weigh-in and I am not sure what to expect.  I have not been stellar...but I also haven't eaten the equivalent of the gross national protuct of a small country either.
I only exercised twice this past week... which is two times more than the past two weeks combined.
I often wonder why there cannot be some balance between obsessed "woe is me" fat girl and hyper crazy obsessed "live the plan or die" healthy weight girl.   I always say "Go big or go home!"  I suppose I need to redirect my go big thing.

The number one reason I eat is anxiety.  I have serious social anxiety and don't really understand why.  If I look back over my life, I have had it forever.  I am guessing it comes down from the ancestors.  We've got some pretty good alcoholism running through our veins.  I'd suspect that the abuse of alcohol is a great self prescribed anxiety med.  I use food. It works.  It's readily available.  ...and relatively cheap.   It's not illegal.  Nor is it antisocial.

So how do I deal with social anxiety?  Drinking is out.  Drugs are out... well the illegal kind.  The non-illegal kind are too since we are unemployed and no insurance.  Hmmmm... let's see what I can come up with that I know works:
EXERCISE...hard and for at least an hour
Yoga!!!! 3 times a week
Fudge... it works but its "food" and I need non food things.
Stay home.. maybe not really practical.
Is there some kind of aroma therapy that is relaxing?
Herbs... LEGAL varieties ;)

I am going to have to crack out my journal and really get into the things that cause me anxiety.

The funniest thing about this is that people don't believe me when I tell them I have social anxiety.

I am tired.  I need sleep.  Wish me well on my weigh-in... no, seriously, take a sec and leave a comment ;)



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dining OUT Twice....

Well, does left over piazza for breakfast count as eating out?
I am not going to count today as good.  I only ate one piece of cold cheese pizza that had three bites taken out of it... I ate a lot of pineapple before lunch.  
For lunch I went to Cafe Rio with friends.  I had the chicken salad minus the tortilla, minus the dressing, minus the chips, minus the cheese... 2 large diet cokes.
For dinner we went with friends to Koi in American Fork.  We ordered so much sushi that they served it to us on the boat!  I ate WAY TOO MUCH and can live with it!  The rock shrimp appetizer was over the top fantastic.
I am just going to assume I ate my weekly ppa and just move on.  Its the best thing :)
My quilting is going nuts right now.  Hop on over to my quilting blog... Manic Marion might be a better name for me ;)


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yes, She LIVES!!!!

....but is SUPER FAT!!!  Now don't go being all shocked because I used the "f" word... it's just plain true!
Anyhoots,  I am back on the wagon!  (Please excuse all of the "!!!")  The past two years have kicked my bum.  I still cant run since being hit by the car.  It has really done me in to not have that stress reliever in my life.
So my buddy and I are weighing in every Saturday morning.  I'm down 8#s.  I have a billion more to go :p
I wish I could go to meetings but my husband lost his job this past summer so there is no $$$ and tons more stress :P
I'll write more later.  Today I was dead on with my ppv's... except a blt of piazza.  One bite.  Not too bad for "eat it all" me.
Blogging helped me before so I'm up for giving it a go again.
Please leave me a comment if you are reading along.  It's nice to know you're there :)
Xoxo - Fatticus


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012