Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 WELCOME!!!

Have you all adjusted to the new year yet? How many times have you written 2008 instead of 2009 ?
I am really excited to see all of you in the meetings this week! All of our meetings are reopened and ready and waiting for you WONDERFUL members! If you are a bit worried about the scale- put it out of your mind. Come on in and get your new materials and a booster shot of enthusiasm and excitement. I am not sure if I have shared this with you before, but three years ago when I began this journey to a more healthy (and much thinner) me, I set goals for myself. I have to say that as I began, I was not sure I would follow through. I had never done it before. What would be special this time? Well, I started on my own as usual, and lost some weight, like I had a 100 times before...then I stalled as usual. This time my blessed best friend and sister-in-law convinced me to try Weight Watchers. I thought to myself, "Why not!" I had been wanting to try it for nearly 14 years. We started together, she was in California, and I was here in Utah. I was AMAZED at the results. I was stunned at the way the program "spoke" to me. I set a lot of goals for myself that January, 3 years ago, and you want to know what??? I have not only accomplished ALL of them, but I have surpassed many of them. With the tools I learned in my Weight Watchers meetings and materials, I not only reached my weight goals, but I have literally become the physically fit person I have always wanted to be. I have learned to make small goals and achieve them. When I get down on myself, I look back over the past three years and find great happiness in what I have already accomplished. I know now that I CAN DO HARD THINGS!!! I can make great choices, but more importantly, when my choices aren't perfect, I know that it will be OK. I will be better tomorrow and the next day.
I LOVE Weight Watchers and it's amazing programs. The new Momentum Plan is absolutely UNREAL! It is just plain BRILLIANT! Please be sure to get into your meeting this week and rekindle your excitement and commitment to a more healthy you!
See you soon!!!

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