Sunday, February 1, 2009

Anybody Thirsty???

Only 48 days until spring! Ok- I know that I am a goofball, but hey, I think everyone was wondering how close Spring is!
Did any of you try the two recipes I sent this past week? They are SO fabulous and if you missed them, they are on the blog. They are both made from 100% Filling Foods with AMAZING taste! They are a toofer- you know a 2 for 1 ;)
So, how about a drink??? This week in meetings we will be debunking the myths about liquid intake. Come in and find out how to get those liquids in each day and more importantly WHY! I can't wait to see you!
Please don't forget that our members who attend meetings loose 3x's more weight than those who go it alone. Don't go short changing yourself. Get your cute self into a meeting and make 2009 your best weight loss year ever!!

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