Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dining OUT Twice....

Well, does left over piazza for breakfast count as eating out?
I am not going to count today as good.  I only ate one piece of cold cheese pizza that had three bites taken out of it... I ate a lot of pineapple before lunch.  
For lunch I went to Cafe Rio with friends.  I had the chicken salad minus the tortilla, minus the dressing, minus the chips, minus the cheese... 2 large diet cokes.
For dinner we went with friends to Koi in American Fork.  We ordered so much sushi that they served it to us on the boat!  I ate WAY TOO MUCH and can live with it!  The rock shrimp appetizer was over the top fantastic.
I am just going to assume I ate my weekly ppa and just move on.  Its the best thing :)
My quilting is going nuts right now.  Hop on over to my quilting blog... Manic Marion might be a better name for me ;)


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Spar-Mar Girl said...

You're back on this blog!!! I was so glad to do a random check and see your posts. I know things are not in your favorite happy place right now, but remember you have some awesome support around you!

You are amazing-don't forget that things get crazier and crazier.

Love you!