Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yes, She LIVES!!!!

....but is SUPER FAT!!!  Now don't go being all shocked because I used the "f" word... it's just plain true!
Anyhoots,  I am back on the wagon!  (Please excuse all of the "!!!")  The past two years have kicked my bum.  I still cant run since being hit by the car.  It has really done me in to not have that stress reliever in my life.
So my buddy and I are weighing in every Saturday morning.  I'm down 8#s.  I have a billion more to go :p
I wish I could go to meetings but my husband lost his job this past summer so there is no $$$ and tons more stress :P
I'll write more later.  Today I was dead on with my ppv's... except a blt of piazza.  One bite.  Not too bad for "eat it all" me.
Blogging helped me before so I'm up for giving it a go again.
Please leave me a comment if you are reading along.  It's nice to know you're there :)
Xoxo - Fatticus


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