Monday, January 7, 2008

1 Week Down- 51 to GO!!

Hell-oooooooo! (you know, like Tigger)

So how was your first week of the New Year? Mine ROCKED!!!!
I hit LIFETIME on Friday!
I am a little excited- as you can tell! I just had to share!!!

Now on to business! WOW did we have a lot of new folks join us last week- and we are expecting more through the rest of the month. Just to let you know, we are offering free registration for a limited time, if you prepay for 10 weeks. So spread the word! Remember new members or rejoining members (in Payson or Spanish Fork) need to come at 6:30-6:45pm to sign up. The Getting Started Meeting begins at 7pm. Provo has many Getting Started meetings and they are listed at Please check it out.

This weeks meeting addresses the very crux of what makes Weight Watchers so unique- our meetings and FABULOUS members. We will be discussing the reasons that meetings make all of the difference. You know- I missed about 2 meetings as a member! Seriously, they make all the difference in the world!! So carve out some time in your busy life and come and see us!

And to our Payson Early Birds , please don't forget to let our "Week Two" members cut in line (in Payson) so they can make it to their special 5:10 meeting! You know, your dedication to the program and YOURSELF is an inspiration and we are always so glad to see you there with bells on each week!

I am starting a blog. I am not sure how it is going to go quite yet- but we'll see. The address is I will try to post the weekly message and recipes. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Have a great week and take a few minutes each day to take care of yourself!

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