Thursday, January 17, 2008

January Blues

In talking to a ton of members and lifetime members, there seems to be a disheartening trend. While the holidays were a challenge, January seems to be kicking our collective bums- for some. I have heard it over and over, "I am being so 'good,' and the scale is not cooperating!" I don't know if there is any science behind my theory, but our bodies just seem to be reacting to the change in our eating from the holidays. Maybe they are stubbornly holding on to the little "extra" we gained. Maybe it likes "treat" fat. :) I don't know if that is the "real" reason- but it FEELS true.

Just hang in there. Please be patient with yourself. You can bring this around, by following the plan and getting active. Your body will respond. You can do this. We all can!

BLT's add up and sabotage our efforts
Measure, measure, measure!
Tracking really WORKS!
Good Health Guidelines- pick your most challenging one and conquer it THIS MONTH! :)

Please ask for help! Find a goose you like and buddy up :)

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Corrine said...

i actually read somewhere that it takes the body six weeks to react truly to our changes, so what we ate six weeks ago is actually sitting like fat on our bellies it may take six weeks to get back there but worth it...otherwise its mostly water weight, that can be drounded out by drinking water and exercising...