Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Birthday 2008!

Hi Friends!!
I sure hope you all have had a FANTASTIC Christmas and New Years (tonight :)! What a great time of year!! I hope you all have had the opportunity to enjoy spending time with your friends and family.
I know that I said I was going to send out the top ten recipes for last year, but I frankly could not decide!! So I attached them ALL!! I also attached two Core Plan Cookbooks for some more great ideas. Please send me any new holiday favorites you have discovered!
And... we are BACK this week on Wednesday, the 2nd of January 2008! YIPPEE!! This weeks meeting is fantastic! We will relax, recuperate and refocus! We will be helping each other shake off our holiday mishaps. This is a huge meeting, as everyone makes mistakes and we need to recognize that one, two, three, and even 74 milkshakes do not mean failure! We'll review the NEW 8 Helpful Habits and set ourselves on our 2008 path of success!!!
Please join us for a grand ol' time!!! Please take care of yourself and have a very safe and Happy New Year's Eve!!! See you in meeting!!!
Hey Payson Members- remember that NEW members come at 6:30-6:45 in Payson on Wednesdays- their Getting Started meeting begins at 7pm. Regular members come after 5:10. Please remember that there is a special meeting at 5:10 for new members second week. They need to be able to weigh-in from 5-5:10 in order to make it to that meeting. The new year brings MANY new members and we ask for your patiences as we have them "cut" in line to be able to make it to their meeting in a timely manner. Thank you for your understanding in advance!
You all are just the BEST and we are going to have such a GREAT new year!!!

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