Monday, February 4, 2008

Eating in or out.. that is the Question!


Hi everyone! What a winter we are having! I can say, I am truly impressed! You know I was thinking, it's pretty good that February is the shortest month of the year! Hey, and the warmer season has the longest months! COOL! Or should I say... WARM!!

Anyway- this week we are discussing the great adventure of EATING OUT!!! (Say it like "Pigs in Space..." from the Muppet Show) Well, as you all know, eating out has become a standard part of our culture. Even ten years ago, eating out was not as prevalent as it is today. We all are going to be faced with the challenges that it poses. So be sure to hit your meeting this week, and learn and share some secrets to success! Eating can be a part of your life and you CAN lose weight at the same time!

Recipes, recipes- calling for all recipes. This week I want to hear some of your favorite treats. Valentine's Day is coming up and we want to treat our loved ones to something maybe a little lighter that 20 points per slice! Send me your favorites! I added the chocolate kiss and cherry brownies below! If you have not tried them, wow- they ROCK!!!

Hey- the results of the weight loss survey are in and here the are-
70% lose .6 to 1.2 pounds per week
20% lose 0 to .4 pounds per week
10% lose 2+ pounds per week

A new survey is posted, be sure to vote.

See you in Meeting!

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