Friday, February 1, 2008

Oil- Oil- Oil

I get asked a lot how I get my Healthy Oils in. Here are two of my favorite ways!

I use the 94% ff popcorn. In a microwave dish or on the stove, I put 2 teaspoons of olive oil and 1 pressed clove of garlic and cook until the garlic turns golden brown. I drizzle this over the popcorn. (2 POINTS for the oil and then 1 point for 5 C of the popcorn {4 points if you eat the whole bag}) I will do more oil if I am sharing with a bunch of people. I also like to shake a little parmesan cheese on top too. If you don't get carried away, it does not change the point value. YUMM! :)

Then for my grilled cheese, I just use 2 teaspoons of olive oil instead of butter. (1 tsp on each piece of bread) I like Prairie Grain Company- Whole Wheat Bread (1 POINT per slice. Lots of places carry it) I also like the ham from Costco. It is 2 pieces for 1 point. I use the 2% Swiss slices, 1 point. Anyway- I love this sandwich!

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Corrine said...

sounds like a great sandwhich!