Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Warning- ANTS!!!

The sun is shining and only 10 days left of Freezing Feb! Ok- I am sorry to all the ski lovers out there, but I am running out of nice thing to say about these teen temps! My "Polly Anna" is getting serious frostbite!

Alright this weeks meeting SPEAKS to me! I am going to hit a meeting in Provo this week for sure. Along with Jack Canfields 10 steps to success, we are discussing how our attitude and thoughts can make all of the difference. We really are unkind to ourselves at times and don't give ourselves credit for all of the wonderful things we ARE good at! Come this week and learn how to defeat the ANTS in our lives! (you have to come and see what ANTs are)

OK- there are links below to, two of the BEST articles I have read in a long while. Please click the links and take the time to read them. They are both quite short and full of wonderful insight!!!

This is a FANTASTIC article on "The Twilight Zone"- a real help with Plateaus!

A VERY excellent article on "ZERO Point Foods" and the REAL rules about them!

Have a great week and don't forget to vote on the latest survey and check out the results of the past ones. Very interesting stuff!

See you in the Meetings!!

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