Sunday, September 7, 2008

Zero Isn't Zero???

Hello Weight Watchers!
I hope this email finds you all well and rested for the week! I love Sundays! Great day to regroup for the week a head. I sure hope in all of your planning and plotting, you have taken the time to make sure you have scheduled your weekly meeting! If you have maybe lagged behind a bit and let your membership laps, we have the New Monthly Pass now! The Monthly Pass comes with FREE registration, FREE eTools and the flexibility of attending how often you choose! It is a great new option to help us meet YOUR needs better than ever before!!! Come on in and get back on the program! We miss you!!! Current members & paying Lifetime members may also chose the Monthly Pass as well. Please ask the meeting staff for details!
This week we are going to be talking about the ever infamous ZERO point foods! Why does zero plus zero not always equal zero? How do I figure the POINTS for multiple servings? Come in and get some GREAT answers to these baffling questions that will help to reboot your weight losses!!!
Speaking of losses! How is your Lose For Good, going? Have you created a monument to yourself of dry canned foods? Don't forget to pick up a pamphlet and sign up for this WONDERFUL program that not only helps you lose, but helps to feed the hungry of our world and community!
Now this week I will be having a sign up sheet for the t-shirts for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Event, October 11th in SLC at Liberty Park. We had a wonderful time last year and really would love to see you there! The t-shirts are light blue this year and $6. Please make your checks out to the ACS. To sign up, please click the link to the side. This is a great family event, so feel free to sign them up and bring them for the walk. It is VERY low key and SUPER fun! There is no cost to participate, and the t-shirts are optional, but cute :)
I think that is all! Phew!! Please send me some of your favorite zucchini recipes! I think there is more of that stuff around than ever before! Take care and SEE YOU IN THE MEETINGS!!!

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