Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hungry is on the block!

Yes- this week in my Tuesday night meeting in Provo, Wednesday night meeting in Payson and Thursday at the Bureau of Rec, Hungry is going DOWN!!! For those of you who have been turning in your trackers, we will be drawing for 2 Hungry magnets in each meeting. If you haven't turned any in yet, please bring in your completed May trackers to enter yourself for the drawing. If you are using e-tools, just print off one page from on line and bring it in :) If you are using a 3 month journal, just bring in a piece of paper with your name on it for each week you have tracked. Now, if you are looking for GREAT odds, Tuesday night in Provo only has ONE entry so far! Remember, you must be present to win. Come on in for a GREAT time :) See you soon!
Oh and for my Lifetime members, don't forget to get in for your monthly weigh-in if you haven't been in yet this month. You have until the 31st, Sunday, but you'd have to go to the Salt Lake center to weigh, as it is the only one open Sunday. Also, if by chance, it has been a while since you have been in, as a Lifetime Member you only need to pay for ONE missed week/month, $9 to get yourself current. Come on in. We miss you!!!

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