Sunday, December 9, 2012

Up a goals

So I was up this week 1.6#'s :p. Not really too surprising or unexpected as I was sick all week (thought it was allergies but I'm pretty sure I am just regular sick), and I was having my period.. sorry boys...  Any hoots my logical side has been speaking to my irrational lazy depressed side and may be making some minor headway.

So here is the skinny, 60 minutes of moderate to intense activity burns abt 800 calories at my horrific weight.  So activity in addition to driving to my daily ppvs should help me lose weight faster.  Yes, today it is all about fast.  I need fast.  Don't we all?

I'm going back to watching Bones.  I plan on being fully recovered tomorrow so I can get back to sewing / work.  I have two more projects for hire and 4 personal sewing projects that need to be finished before Christmas.  You can check out my antics over at

I am counting on the exercise to boost my mood and help me get a grip with my life.  Wish me well ;)


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the ark said...

Soooo glad that I found BOTH of your sites! I am also a quilter---who needs to lose weight! Apparently I am a stress-eater as I discovered in 2008 when my husband lost his job for over a year! Yikes! I went back to college 2 years ago and have picked up some very bad habits (I am majoring in Coca Cola with a pizza minor!) and have packed on much more than the freshman fifteen! I love your idea of quilting more and eating less. I am currently quilting like crazy for my daughter's college roommates Christmas presents and hope you will be an inspiration to me on the weight loss front as well as the quilty goodness!
Thanks for being "real" and sharing your stories!