Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weigh In Day Follies

Yeah, so after my most triumphant weigh in yesterday I did the usual... pine cone (donut thing) for breakfast... left over chicken divan for lunch ....and for dinner... wait for it... a double double ANIMAL STYLE, fries ANIMAL STYLE and a Neapolitan shake to chase that heart attack down at In.  Truth be told, I really needed a LARGE diet Pepsi to wash it all down, but it sort of some how seemed a bit to ironic... and a bit embarrassing to ask for it...
Any hoots, I didn't get on the scale today, just because, you know, the shame of it all.  Today is much better because it is fast sunday.  I am cooking a turkey and it smells SO good!  I'd better get back to dinner fixing!

-- xo

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