Saturday, December 1, 2012

Full disclosure

Since I no longer work for weight watchers I can be much more free and uncensored with my blog posts.  Aren't you excited.  Well I said I was FAT but today I am going to share how fat I am.  Are you ready to be disgusted?
So my FATTEST ever before I started ww was 255.5 after I had my 6th child in Dec 2005.  I lost weight on my own and joined ww at 217.something in may of 2006.  My goal weight is 174 which I reached in November 2007.  I was in the 170's until January of 2011(after getting hit by the car while running in Oct 2010).  Just last october i was still only up to 190.  The weight just piled on this year until I hit critical mass 4 weeks ago weighing in at 215.4.  HOLY CRAP-AN-OLI!!!!!  So, today I weighed 206.6 :)  So that is really not a happy face kind of weiht, but it is progress.  I am hoping for below 200 for my Christmas present :)
So there you have it.  My FAT history in a nut shell...a REALLY big nut shell.
So say something nice, won't you?



Adam Ford said...

I'm really impressed how completely honest you are being. And at least you are working on it. I've just totally given up the past four months-and it definitely shows. Just remember, if the big picture is adding to your anxiety, don't look at it that way. Just think of what choices you can make for today, or the morning, or the next thirty minutes. You CAN get back on track.

Adam Ford said...

this is Mandy, not Adam....