Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Better Late Than NEVER :)

Hi friends!

I am so sorry my email is late this week :(. Life has been a little "fuller" than normal and I am just catching my breath :) I hope all is well with all of you!

This weeks meeting topic is HOT!! How many times do we head out for dinner or order in take-out because the clock just hit 6:30 and everyone is going to STARVE??? This weeks we will be discussing strategies for overcoming the "what's for dinner?- and I mean NOW!" syndrome. With a few tricks up your sleeve, and a little planning, this "problem area" can see some major improvements- PDQ.

Now- last week I told you about a devil of a fantastic cake that was 8 POINTS per slice. I worked it down to about 3 POINTS per slice! Yes- bravo to me! It is posted on my blog, along with the black bean brownies. There is also a new link to all of the recipes that have been posted to the blog on the top right.

Have a fantastic week and see you in the meetings!!!


Egip said...

I missed you at our tusday night meeting. I hope you had fun though.

Kim said...

Hi Marion,
I had fun working with you today! I'm glad you told me about this site! What an awesome leader you are to share all these great ideas with all of us! Good luck in the running! Hope to work with you again! Kim

Stephanie said...

You look awesome! What an inspiration you are. I am going to try those delicious muffin recepies and maybe even the evil cake! How do I get my legs to look like yours? Maybe growing another 6 in. would be a start:)
Your sister-in-law:Steph