Wednesday, July 14, 2010's the scoop!

So, here it is...My sweet hubby is getting better every day :)  YIPEE!!!  The progress is slow, but moving along as expected :)  He has even been able to return to work this week with the aide of a wheel chair and crutches :)   So this is all good, right?  Things are starting to settle down, right?  Life is feeling doable, normalizing, right?  Well, last week we get a call to meet with our Stake President.  For those of you who don't belong to my church, this is usually is kinda a big, stressful deal.  Well he's got a new job for me, a new responsibility, sorta huge...I'm the new Stake Relief Society President.  Can you say OVERWHELMED???  How about feeling a bit less settled down, doable or normal?  So, I am back to feeling just shy of on top of my life.  My plan is to track tomorrow.  I'm gonna do it tonight and just try to stick to the plan tomorrow...hopefully  ;)
Here's hoping that we can have a bit of a calm for a little while, so I can get my world in order.  I am not sure that I will be posting my trackers for a while.  I really have to scale back where ever I can to make sure I can do everything I need to be doing.

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