Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Over and under :)

Tuesday I went over my points by 5 and today I should be under by 2.  Hmmmmmmmm.........  My 213g of lasagna was GOOD!  It is national Lasagna Day!  Man was it tasty!!!


The 5 browns said...

Hi Marion. My name is Sharri Brown. I am a friend and co-worker to Alice Koehne. She convinced me to start weight watchers and I did two weeks ago. I will be attending with Alice when she returns to Utah on August 18th. I am planning to come to your Tuesday 5:30 meetings with her. I have lost 2 pounds my first week. Alice is an inspiration to me. She has said many great things about you and wanted to introduce myself. See you soon,
Sharri Brown

Alice said...

Wow...I think my head just got bigger! I hope the cool hat I bought this summer will still fit!