Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let's Get It GOING!!!

Hello Everyone!
Just plain and simple, I CANT wait to see you in the meeting this week.  Last week we talked about weightloss and those DARN plateaus!  This week?  We'll watch our ACTIONS because they become our habits!  In this second part of examining the wretched P word (a.k.a. Plateau) we are reminded that 90% of plateaus are attributed to the LOOSENING UP OF OUR EFFORTS or as I like to cal it, RAP, Relaxed Adhearence to Program!!  I am still amazed how many things we start "tossing in the mix" when we are so frustrated about this up, down, up, down little game at the scale.  We just assume our body is stuck and that we have no power.  RUBBISH!  We have all the power!  Read up on your Push Past Plateaus book and get into a meeting.  A dose of reality, of following program- REALLY following program may be the thing that many of us need to get BACK ON TRACK!!  Get into a meeting!  Make it happen!
I can't wait to see you!!!

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Blueberry Lime Slush

  2 cups frozen blueberries

2 cups crushed ice

1 1/2 cups light limeade (like minute maid etc.)

1 12 oz diet citrus soda (like fresca) chilled

  Place first 3 ingredients in blender and process until smooth.  Pour into pitcher and stir in soda.

Pour into glasses and garish with lime slices if desired.

cal: 37    fat: 0.4    fiber 1.7

  5 servings  1 cup = 0 points


Veggie Dip

  1 pint fat free sour cream

1 pint fat free mayo

2 tsp. dill weed

2 tsp Bon Appetite (one of our members suggested using celery salt)

2 TBSP dried onion flakes

2 TBSP dried parsley flakes

  mix together and chill.     

1 point for 1/4 cup.

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