Thursday, September 9, 2010

It just started ALL wrong!

I couldn't sleep so I got up at 5am and ran in the dark.  When I got home my 7 year old wanted to open his birthday present from his grandparents.  It had a baggie of Snickers in the package!  I ate them as he is allergic to peanuts and it was 6am and I was alone with a baggie of Snickers.  What else could I do???  It turns out that there are other people who live in my house that would have helped me eat them, but they were asleep... They also included a box of Hot Tamales that no one wanted so I ate those for my mid morning snack.  I had some chicken for lunch and a salad for my afternoon snack.  Then we headed to the Pizza Pie Cafe for the birthday dinner.  I started with a salad.  I really don't remember much after that.  I had about 8 diet Pepsi's and too much pizza.  I had 3 small pieces and then about 3 pieces of dessert pizza.  My poor birthday boy actually ate so much that he THREW UP on the way home.  THANK HEAVENS he and my 9 year old rode home with my husband ;D  My 9 year old threw up too after he saw the 7 year old toss his cookies!  Am I evil for being SO happy they were not in my car???
Anyway, I am off to watch some TV and go to sleep!
Happy Thursday!

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