Saturday, September 4, 2010


Happy Labor Day Weekend!
Real quick like... we've got LOADS of company for the weekend and I just have a second here ;)
Well, this week starts our 3rd annual Lose For Good Campaign.  Come on in, we will LOSE weight, feed the hungry and share the WONDER that is Weight Watchers with our friends and family!  Come on in a bring a friend!  If they join, you both will get a 6 month subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine!
Don't forget the drawing challenge for this week!  To get an entry for this week, you must exercise for SIX days this week!  Got it??? GOOD!  Get out there and MOVE!!!
Making Strides!!!  YES, you can still join my team!  Yes, you can still order a t-shirt if you like.  Please let me know THIS WEEK!.  I have to have my order in WEDNESDAY :)  They a are $6.  You don't have to get a t-shirt if you don't want, totally optional :)
See you SOON!!! :)
oh- there are NO WW meetings on Monday, the 6th for Labor day!  Come in and see me on Tuesday, 5:30 :) PLEASE!!!!!

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