Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tracking....NO MATTER WHAT!!! Be prepared to be SHOCKED!

Friday.....(is there some suspenseful music I can play here?)
Breakfast- 3 point smoothie
Lunch- Chicken salsa salad 5 points
Snack- Carrots
2 rootbeer suckers
Company begins to arrive... this is where the suspenseful music should be playing....
8 twizzlers
2 pieces of pizza
1 bread stick
1 REGULAR orange Crush - this was DELICIOUS!!!!
2 snickerdoodles
6 more twizlers
6 double stuff oreos
6 BBQ pringles
1 piece of birthday cake
Phew.... I fall asleep :)
13 double stuff oreos
8 hershey hugs
LOTS of cantaloupe
new Chinese buffet in town
I ate too much
It was OK.
food was tepid
I had 3 diet cokes :D
1 bunch of grapes
1 bag cotton candy
6 chips and salsa
1 piece of birthday cake
I am SICK!!! ...just in case you were wondering :p  I am sure you aren't surprised.
I can't wait to eat NOTHING tomorrow!  I'm going to put the boys to bed and drink a 44 oz ice water :)
OH- I got the CUTEST Wrap around Magic India skirt at the boutique.  I am IN LOVE with it!!!
It turns out that no matter how much I LOVE my company to come and see us and visit us, it still FREAKS ME OUT and I have an anxiety attack and eat like a CRAZY person!  I know I should not eat so much, but I am REALLY glad I do not drink.  I would be so wasted whenever company comes.  Maybe I should get a Zanax prescription....

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Megan said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that had a holiday weekend eat-a-thon!