Sunday, September 12, 2010


I forgot to track for the last few days :(  I am back and ready for more :)  I am going to be posting a bit differently, so bare with me :)  I will be posting everything I eat, but there will be no points attached.  I am paper tracking until Thanksgiving and for speed's sake, I will just blog the foods and if I stuck to my points target. I'll be mainly doing the Simply Filling Technique (SFT).  If you need the points for something, please post a comment and I will post the points for you :) Have a happy Sunday!
Today's plan-
lean sirloin pork roast with homemade BBQ sauce
homemade roll
3 homemade cookies
a WW smoothie with buttermilk and banana's
1/4 C homemade chocolate pudding.
No activity points today, Sunday, day of rest :D

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