Friday, November 4, 2011

Manifesto Faticus

So Faticus is just a made up word/name for my new Manifesto :)  Here is the plan.  I wrote a WHOLE long list of all of the reasons I cannot gain any more weight and that I need to lose what I have gained ASAP.  I want to publish all of my deep dark secret reasons, but there are some people who would be offended by them and some feelings may get hurt, so I will just keep my secrets to myself and just say this one thing.... I AM DONE WITH MY STRESS EATING PITY PARTY BINGE and it's time to get real with myself.   I am going pretty strict until Thanksgiving.  I will eat whatever I want from 3pm on on Thanksgiving and I get one piece of pie the next day of my choice.  It's going to be hard to choose between Minnie's Chocolate Pie and Michelle's Bourbon Chocolate Pecan pie, but I will work it out.  My next cheat day is Christmas eve, 4pm on and ALL day Christmas day.  I am contemplating a "no sugar" edict, but am not sure I have the guts for that one.  I have cut out artificial sweeteners and diet Pepsi (except for medicinal purposes).  As for New Year's Eve and New Years Day, I am not sure about how I will handle those two days.  I will probably do the same things as I did on Christmas day.  We typically have 30 non sleeping teenagers spend the night that night and then feed them a 80,000 calorie breakfast and maybe go to family later.  
The things that I am going to have to tell myself to get through... #1 there is nothing that I cant have again another time. It will be OK.  #2 I don't have to eat ALL of the pie/fudge/chex mix. It will be OK.  #3 I will not EXPLODE if I don't relieve stress with food. It will be OK.  #4 IT'S OK NOT TO EAT! IT'S OK NOT TO EAT!  IT'S OK NOT TO EAT!
I'm going to go watch a movie with my super HOT date!  I picked a chick flick so he'll be snoring in 11 minutes flat ;)  ...actually I am so tired that I might be snoring too ;)
Have a GREAT weekend!  Hopefully this storm wont be TOO big ;)

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