Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chicken with head cut off...

I just can't believe how busy I am.  I have got to hop on the treadmill before work, so this will be short and sweet... well, actually salty.  One word to describe the weekend eats.... CHEX MIX!  I made it and I ATE IT!  Salt does a number on me, so I am packing about 5 pounds of extra water around.  I knocked off two of those pounds this morning, and so long as it is gone by Thursday AM, it will appear to not have caused permanent damage.  Here's hoping.
Yesterday was not too bad except my best buddy has us over to make sugar cookies and frost them Monday night.  I ate one there, two more before I went to bed and then 2 for breakfast :(  I am SO weak near them.  They are my kryptonite!  I have no power to resist when they are near me.  This morning I actually felt sick and hung over.  I feel better now.  For lunch I had a diet coke and about a 1/2 of a Costco ff frozen yogurt and 2 bites of my sons hotdog.  I did have 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast. 
I have not idea what I am going to have for dinner.  Probably lettuce.  I have got to get this water off.  My face feels so puffy and water retention makes me feels so ill.
I get down on myself for not being perfect all of the time, but then I just have to remind myself that I am SO much better than I have ever been!  Progress is progress, and ALL progress deserves a celebratory shout! :) Yee Haw!
Oh- I forgot to wish a very Happy Hanukkah to all who are celebrating the Festival of Lights!  :)
PS- I have no idea how many points I am eating.  Let's just say that I am pretty sure that I have eating the better part of my WHOLE blocks points and the scale is not happy about it :p

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