Sunday, December 27, 2009

So far so good :)

I had a mini roll with a tiny piece of ham for breakfast, running out the door to church. For lunch I had another mini roll with a little bit more ham and a slice of salami and a WW smoothie. I meant to have an orange, but forgot. After going and seeing my friend sing in her church, I had a small piece of the ever divine Bourbon Chocolate Pecan pie. It is all gone now. The rolls are in the oven and we are headed to my brothers for dinner. I am vowing to only have turkey and one roll. If I do this, I should be OK. I have been drinking a TON of water and trying to avoid the carbs, but I cannot. I am going to have to go shopping soon, if I am going to do better. I just really am shopped out. Now would be a good time for some good samaritan to leave groceries on my porch, not for lack of funds, but for lack of any desire what so ever to step foot in another store :) Happy Sunday!
Oh- we watched Julie and Julia last night. That was VERY cute and made me reminisce the days when I used to use 2-3 pounds of butter per week. Yes, I really used that much butter. Now we maybe use 1-2 lbs per month. What changes :) I am making that Beef Bourguignon as soon as I can get myself into a store :)

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