Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday, Sunday :)

Here is what I ate:
1 light string cheese
2 bananas
1 medium baked potato with T butter and 3 T light sour cream
7 C popcorn with olive oil and Parmesan cheese
ONE mini Reeses peanut butter cup...CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT I ATE JUST ONE????
1 pkt 0 point hot chocolate
3 candy canes

I am back to regular tracking today.  Dealing with all of the craziness has had me in a bit of a dither.  I feel better now that the house is decorated and I know where all of my land mine/parties are :)
*** Oh, and before you get all in a frenzy because I ate so little/weird today, let me explain.  In my church, we fast for two meals on the first Sunday of each month.  We take the money we would have spent on those meals, and donate it to families in need in our area.  I normally make a real dinner on Sunday afternoon, but DH had to work and I didn't feel like going to a ton of effort for the troops.  Evil mom :(  Oh, I was engrossed in a good book and didn't want to spend the time either ;D

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