Sunday, December 20, 2009


Good Afternoon!
Are we all enjoying this FABULOUS lull in the weather? :) It's cold, but it's not THAT cold :) I hope y'all are ready for the up and coming celebrations and have some time to enjoy the season. What a wonderful time of year. I know this time of year can be a bit stressful, with all of the preparations and DELICIOUS food laying around in copious amounts, but hey, please try to take some time for you and enjoy yourself. We have been working all year on ways to manage these situations and you can do it! As a matter of fact, this week in the meetings we are going to be celebrating all of our successes throughout the year. We have all made huge changes and defeated plenty of demons this year. Come to your meetings this week ready to whoop it up and really take stock of how far you have come!
I can't wait to see y'all!!

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