Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I STINK....let me count the ways....

So, the day was just great up until lunch...well, after lunch.  My sweet SIL sent my dearly down trodden hubby a whole package of assorted chocolate bars from Trader Joe's in California.  Let's just say I ate them.  Oh the shame.  For dinner I was good... actually perfect.  Then came the cookies.  I ate two cookies worth of cookie dough, two cookies and a few huge handfuls of fizzie Skittles (Those ROCK! ).  To defend my cookie dough eat, the Youth in my church made and sold cookie dough.  The sugar cookie dough was made with too little flour so they ran all over the pans and made huge messes.  We learned this the hard way.  Well, the remaining frozen little balls were just sitting there all forlorn, so I ate two.   I did get in my run :)  I did not eat the apple and I had one more slice of cheese than planned.  Oh, I ate David's sandwich too.  I am just SO stinking stressed that there is food in my mouth before I even know what's going on.  Oh and to top this all off, when I left for work, I found that some vandals had broken out the passenger side window.  DARN THEM ALL TO HECK!!!  Today I am doing the simply filling technique.  If I can't control HOW MUCH I am eating, at least I can maybe eat too much of the Filling Foods.  I hope the chocolate is gone!  I know the Skittles are ;)

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