Sunday, June 6, 2010

Taking Charge of HUNGRY!!

Hey!  I just got off of the phone with AnnaLisa and she told me that the Walk-It Challenge was a total HIT!  I hear that there were a million of you ready to walk and roll!  I am SO glad to hear it!  It sounds like we learned a TON and are making notes to make sure that next years event is even better!  WAY TO GO!!  I am so proud of y'all!  I am so sad to have missed this big event, but as some of you have heard, my sweet husband was practicing his Superman tricks and took a bad spill off of our roof.  (I'm just kidding about the Superman tricks, the ladder decided it would rather not do it's job).  He suffered some serious injuries to one of his legs and will be laid up for quite a while.  Thank you for your concern and prayers.  They are much appreciated :)
Now for this weeks GREAT meeting.  Do any of you just really wonder how ever to deal with that terrible monster HUNGRY???  You just cannot miss this meeting.  We have great ideas and tips for winning the never ending battle with our appetites!
I can't wait to see you all this week!

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