Monday, June 2, 2008

Challenge June 2008!

I'm sending out a challenge that another WW leader sent me! This is for you and for me, because I want to stay on track this summer as much as you do.

Your Challenge, should you chose to accept it is: Let's (you and me) follow the plan perfectly for the next seven days. I mean it - perfectly. AND, lets do some sort of movement/activity/
exercise for six out of the next seven days. Let's stay within our points budget, drink enough water,
have two healthy oils and and two servings of milk every day, and have 5 servings of fruits
or veggies every day. Do you think it's possible? Can we do it?! How many of you are
willing to take this challenge? Starting tomorrow, June 3, let's see how much this newsletter
group can lose in 7 days.

So, if you come to my meeting on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, try to come to my scale and tell
me how it's going. If you have to come on anther day, email me and tell me how it's going and how much you've lost. There are ~150 people on my mailing list right now, so do you think we can lose 150 pounds by next Tuesday/Wednesday? I've got the paper clips, do you have the guts?
What do you say???

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