Sunday, June 15, 2008

Destination- Weigh Loss!

What a great weekend we are having! I hope ya'll are enjoying this beautiful "finally" summer weather!

How is National Self-Indulgence Week going? It is so important to take care of yourself on a regular basis and it is very important to remember that you can do it within the guidelines of either the Flex Plan or the Core Plan. Working in the yummy num nums into your plan will really keep your satisfaction level up and the world a better place. Don't forget our "non-food" ways to self indulge, a massage, a bubble bath or especially, a good book! If it has been forever since you treated yourself in a "non-food" way, look back to the past for a few reminders.

Now... in case you went a little overboard with the whole "self-indulgence" thing- be sure to hit a meeting this week to discuss how we can bring ourselves back on track. This road we travel to a healthier life can meander a bit . Join us to re-set your course and make it to your destination, a healthier you!

See you soon and Congratulations to all of you BIG LOSERS on our weight loss challenge! Keep up the good work. If you missed the challenge, you can read them all below! Let me know how it goes for you.

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