Thursday, June 5, 2008

Challenge Tip #3

I am hearing from some of you - please let me know how you are doing? Feeling good?

Ready for tip #3?
BANISH the BLT's! And I am not talking about the sandwiches! I am addressing those nasty little "bites, licks, and tastes!" EVERYTHING we put into our mouths has a POINTS value. EVERYTHING!!!! So here is the challenge- mark one POINT for EVERY blt you take. I mean it- one little bite of your sons PB & J, one nibble of a cookie or taste of tonight's dinner. Mark 1 POINT gone forever :) This is the only way to combat this habit- If you BITE it you WRITE it! No justifications, no pretending that it was so small it has zero POINTS (even if it is).

***exception to the rule- if your rabbit will eat it, you can too- no POINTS :) ***

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