Sunday, June 8, 2008

Challenge Tip #6

Hello Friends! How goes the CHALLENGE? I am loving this!!

Tip #6
Do you like dessert? I do! My tip for you is to share the LOVE ! We all have our favorites, no need to call them by name, anything with chocolate will do, OK- anything with sugar will do, ALRIGHT- anything that fits into my mouth will do! So what can we do? Here's the tip- if you are having dessert tonight, invite enough people over to eat the whole thing, your kids friends, family or neighbors, so long as they will eat, they will work. This will do two things for you, #1- you get some of what you have been craving, #2 you can have fun with your loved ones. If you are too shy to invite people over, pack up the leftovers and take them to a neighbor or someone you don't even know, you can even door-bell-ditch it If all else fails, just TOSS it in the trash after you have had your tasty morsel!

*** WARNING WARNING WARNING- if having a dessert around is just way too much for you- SKIP THIS CHALLENGE! If you will eat the whole thing before you even know what happened, then save this one for a time in the future, when you are ready :) There is NO SHAME in that at all, not one little speck! ***

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