Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Challenge Tip #2

Alright- how is it going? Are you feeing Better, Stronger, Faster than before? Are you ready for Tip #2? Here goes.

Tip #2 Shake up those POINT values!
If you always eat 4 POINTS for breakfast, eat 6. If you always have 8 POINTS for dinner, have 6. If you eat a 6 POINT snack at night, make it a 2 POINTer. If you have a one POINT snack at 10 AM, make it a 2 POINTer. If you already vary your POINT values from meal to meal and from day to day, then try dividing your Daily POINTS Target by five. Have five meals, spaced evenly throughout your day. Do ya get my drift? This is just one more way to throw a curve ball at ourselves. This not only keeps our bodies guessing, but it really brings some life back into our sometimes monotonous routine.

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