Friday, March 28, 2008

BLT's Beware!!!

B.L.T three simple letters they be,
but beware for all who may not see,
the traps, the lies, they truly are.
BLTs have stopped me so far.

Bite Lick and Taste is what it means
and why I don't fit my favorite jeans.
Oh BLT you must be aware
because I choose to end our affair.

No longer will I BLT my days away,
no munching, no tasting, I'm wasting away.

Grilled cheese crust,
truly not a must.
A little tiny bite,
the urge I will fight.
Leftover french fry
such a thing I shant try.
Frosting on a spoon,
the pounds will follow soon.
Just a taste is all I ask,
remembering not to, will be a task.

But today I say to you my BLTs
the choice is mine, its all about me.
Size 8 is calling me louder I plead,
No more BLTs is my new creed.

By Corrine Simonsen (My FAB sister)

1 comment:

Egip said...

That is a great poem. I need to remember it. LOL.