Monday, March 31, 2008

Trigger Feelings!

Hi Everyone!
What a great day! I know it snowed and it is a bit nippy- but I see some blue skies over yonder!!

Hey hey hey- How is it going with identifying and dealing with your trigger foods? Be sure to use your Helpful Habits with this one, especially, Prepare Yourself and Learning from the Past. If you haven't cracked your Week 3 materials, Think First, this week it the time for you to take the habit profile and pick one or two, to start developing. These 8 habits were identified to have the greatest effect on helping you, to not only lose the weight- but maintain the loss.

This week we are moving on to part two of our Trigger Trilogy- THE EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS!!! ba-na!!! Trigger feelings and emotions are those feelings that drive us to the pantry (or where ever the goodies are kept). Learning to understand these reactions to our feelings and deal with the feelings in a "non-food" way is key to our success. This week, in meeting, we will be delving into this quandary of emotional eating and how to begin to manage it. We will be looking to the helpful habits for help and learning (or relearning) an amazing Tool For Living, Reframing. Be sure to hit your meeting this week for the help you need in this area or the help you may be able to offer another member!

Please have a great week!

Here is some FABULOUS wisdom from Zig Ziglar-
"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing-that's why we recommend it daily."

BE sure to come to your meeting this week to get the Motivation you need for the week!!!

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