Tuesday, March 9, 2010

She LIVES!!!

Ok- I am still alive :)  I have just been SO busy that I have not been posting....or tracking.....
My weight is sticking right where it should be, so I have felt no need to really track :)  Maintenace is good like that :)  Life is still a bit bonkers around here, so I'm going to chill a bit, so long as my weight still cooperates :)  Running helps with the weight and the "bonkers" part of life :)  Speaking of running AND bonkers, I'd better get on the treadmill!

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1 comment:

Kylee said...

Hi Marion! Ok I making Mark get back on Weight Watchers! I've been making him turkey sandwiches for lunch and have bought him all kinds of lovely diet food. I decided to check out your blog for some recipes and ideas. I also gave my sister Heather your blog because she is on WW and has lost 18 lbs already.