Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Galeos Miso Caesar Salad Dressing

Every once in a while there is an event SO huge, that there are not words to describe it! Yesterday was one of those days! My dear friend and co-worker, DeAnne, brought me a bottle of Caesar salad dressing from California. Yesterday for lunch, I decided to try it out. Now, there are only 14 calories per tablespoon, so how good could it be???? Well let me tell you!!! I LOVE Caesar Salad, but with all of the points in the blasted dressing, I hardly ever indulge. My dreams have been realized. My hopes have been exceeded. I NOW CAN HAVE CAESAR SALAD EVERYDAY!!! My world is complete!!!
For you fellow Caesar dressing lovers, here is the link to the website. I am going to look for local retailers. Please let me know if you find any :)
1 T = .5 points
2-4 T = 1 point
5-6 T = 1.5 points
7-8 T = 2 points

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