Monday, April 19, 2010

Those DARN Fudge Bars!!!

I was SO hungry tonight!  I got home from running a million errands and just needed FOOD!  I was planning on a salad, but I was TOO STINKIN' hungry!  I got to run today :)  I am going to have to step up my yoga practice again.  I'll work on that.  AND, this day would have been SO good, if not for those bar things!  I just had to eat them.  Ok, I did not HAVE to eat them, but I kinda did, again, not really...but sort'a.  Anyway, I am off to bed.  I am POOPED out!
Have a GREAT night! :D

-- Monday, April 19, 2010
1  serving(s) Ham, Costco Kirkland Extra Lean 1
2  Tbsp light cream cheese 2
1  item(s) The Alternative Bagel Roasted onion 1
Subtotal 4
1  serving(s) Ham, Costco Kirkland Extra Lean 1
1  serving(s) Granny Bread 2 slices 3
1/4 medium avocado 2
1  cup(s) lettuce 0
3  Oatmeal Fudge Bars 21.5
Subtotal 27.5
1  cup(s) cooked white rice 4
1/2 Stroganoff 1.5
Subtotal 5.5
1  serving(s) Cheese stick, Light 1
Subtotal 1
Food POINTS values total used 38
Food POINTS values remaining 0
42 min Running
45 min yoga 2
Activity POINTS values earned 8


The Tanner Family Blog said...

Thanks Marion! Now I am craving oatmeal fudge bars. I haven't had those since college. Maybe during my twilight hours. Nothing counts right?

Marion said...

Sorry! those darn things! I am going to NEVER make them again....probably ;)