Saturday, March 12, 2011

I am EXCEEDINGLY Grouchy!!!

So let the member side of me SHINE!!  Last week I did not eat all of my activity PPV's ( I earned over 80 and had 55 remaining).  I should have lost BIG time, but alas I did not!  I also did not weigh myself all week either.  I am going to go for another week of NO activity PPV's munching and see if it was just some fluke.  I am going to go back to weighing myself daily at home.  It really helps me to keep myself together.  It also keeps me from FREAKING out at the scale, like I did today.  I know what to expect, even if it is not what I want.  I did lose .8lbs.  Now I know I have told countless members that a loss is a loss, but I am 100% member today and I am ticked off!  I am going to go back and be more diligent in my measuring.  I may have over estimated a few things, but no more than usual.  Maybe I am turning into an every other week loser?  I don't know, but I am ornery and looking for comfort in all the wrong places :(  ARGH!  Why can't our bodies just behave!  I will tell you that if I lose a little number again next week, I am going back to eating my aPPA.  That was hard this week to not eat them :(  ...I must have miss-tracked something.  I must have REALLY miss-tracked something!  sorry for all of the Whine with lunch, I feel better now ;D

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Alice said...

You are just as entitled to be grouchy sometimes as the rest of us are! (just because you are the superhero leader that you are, does not mean that everything is always perfect for you!) But a loss is a loss. Your words "It's just feedback!" echo in my head all the time. Getting on that scale is really just feedback. There is something weird going on here, but you will figure it all out. It is always nice to know that you are among us humans! :) Next week, I see a bigger loss in your future. (not that I am some kind of psychic. I do not have ESP but I do have ESPN! :)