Saturday, November 28, 2009

Inquiring minds want to know ;D

Thanksgiving day-
Woke up at 4:50 am :(  Put the rolls on cookie sheets.  We did Rhodes for a few reasons.  #1 no mess. #2 I won't eat them :)  #3 my sister bought them!!! :D
5:45 met the girls in Salem for our Thanksgiving Half Marathon.  I rode my bike while my speedy friends ran it.  I was FROZEN solid.  When we were finished, we climbed into my car and drank hot chocolate, ate fudge (one little piece) and Bourbon Chocolate Pecan pie :)
When I got home, the rolls weren't where I left them on the table.  I found them in the living room with quite a few in really bad shape.  Turns out, while I was gone, my little nephew had gotten a hold of them and a few rolls hit the floor :(
I came home and didn't eat anything until the rolls came out of the oven, and I had one little deformed one with a bit of butter.  I only like them hot, and the one I ate was probably only a 1/2 of a roll.
Once we got to my parents home, I had chex mix, a little cheese ball, a tiny bit of the sun-dried tomato pesto dip I made and some punch.
For dinner I had, smoked turkey (a good pile of it), about 2/3 C of mashed potatoes, less than a cup of stuffing and then I covered the whole thing with gravy.  The gravy almost ran off my plate :D  Oh, I did have a little scoop of corn casserole that I did not finish.  I did eat the See's raspberry truffle at my place setting :)
For dessert I had a small slice of maple cheese cake, a TINY sliver of pumpkin pie with about 2/3 cup of whipping cream and one bite of my Bourbon Chocolate Pecan pie.  Oh, I forgot, I did eat a small orange roll sometime.

The Day AFTER-
Cheese cake for breakfast.
Orange roll and sugar free jello for a post work out snack.
Pecan pie for lunch.
Red Lobster for dinner-  Salmon, grilled, no butter, salad with fat free dressing, broccoli with no butter, baked potato, plain, and one of their cheddar biscuits :)

I am sitting here, plotting my day.  For sure, I am going to have a scrambled egg taco for breakfast.

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