Thursday, February 4, 2010

No tracker for today ;D

I am not sure that I have told y'all this before, but I don't track on days that I race (have time trials).  I also try not to track the day before either.  I have a really hard time eating after a race, so I just get to eat anything that sounds good or that I think may stay down ;D  I think I may have hit my points today, but it may be a bit shy.  I drink a ton, but food sounds vile.  This might be the BEST thing about racing :)  Food NEVER sounds bad to me, and I somewhat enjoy it :)  Oh wait, except the part where I am nauseated.
I am still VERY excited about my time.  What a GREAT day!!!
PS- the reason that I don't like to track the day before a race is that I will often skip things that are really good for the pre race day when I am too concerned with tracking.  It's all a mental game that I play with myself.  Racing (time trails) also FREAK ME OUT, so it is a good thing to not stress about tracking, to help me chill and rest up well.  I only have about six races planed for the year so that only gives me 12 days of excuses.  Oh wait, I don't have to track on my birthday or my 20th wedding anniversary either :)  I also wont track on our family vacation this summer in Lake Tahoe.  But that is it!  Oh and if......... ;D

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