Saturday, February 5, 2011

I ROCK... well, just a little bit! ;D

Shockingly enough, I was down today :)  Drum roll please.... ONE WHOLE POUND!!!  It was kind of a shock and awe experience.  I wasn't able to attend a meeting this week due to a series of unfortunate events so I had to weigh in this morning in Provo while I was working the meeting.  Unfortunate events, #1, hubby went out of town for the week so I could not attend Friday mornings meeting as planned because I'd have 2 little boys with me and NO KIDS ALLOWED!  #2 I would just go Thursday evening to Springville to AnnaLisa's FANTASTIC meeting but it was the Blue & Gold Banquet and I would not be able to make it back on time, plus I was in charge of the dessert...which RUINED my LIFE!!!!.  #3 Couldn't go thursday am with my little boy because I had an appointment from 9am until 11:45am. #4 Couldn't make it to the noon meeting thursday because I had to be able to drop off my preschooler at school at 12:30.  #5 couldn't attend Saturdays meetings because I was working them.  So, I don't think that pent-fecta will ever happen again, so I won't be missing again ;)  I am SO happy about the loss!
PPV Report-
All daily PPV were eaten
All Activity PPV were eaten plus a few... 9 to be exact :(
Goal for the week-
REALLY not eat my APPV's this week, for REAL this time!  I wonder how many times I will make this goal before I give up on it or actually accomplish it???

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