Saturday, February 19, 2011 tracker.... no tracking......

I had a CRAZY FUN day yesterday with plenty of anxiety and action.  That coupled with cake, dried mango's, chocolates and nuts on every surface, I ate WAY too much food and, well, that's it.  I am going to need to come up with a better strategy for Fridays.  My sister in law had a baby just before Thanksgiving.  The baby was 10 weeks early.  Baby-boo just came home from the hospital two weeks ago.  Baby-boo still has a feeding tube and due to several complications, her care is extremely time consuming and complicated.  The BEST part is that Baby-boo LOVES to be snuggled!!!  I got to hold a newborn for the majority of the day!  BEST DAY EVER!!!  Now this would be just fine, but Baby-boo has a big sister who is just shy of 10 months older than she is!  Yes, they have TWO little babies, plus 3 other children under age 8.  All of the kids are WONDERFUL and sweet, but it's a LOT of work.  Well, my SIL's mom is going to be going home soon (she's been here more than a month).  I am going to be going over there one day a week to help with laundry, cleaning and the babies.  Yesterday was my first day on the job so Grandma could have a break.  I am going to have to breakout the veggies and gum to keep my mouth busy.  I also need to remember that it is JUST fine!  I mean, seriously, I have SIX kids, I can handle their 5 for one day...right???  I have heard my mom and MIL say how hard it is to take care of their grandchildren, I think I understand.  Auntie M (as the girls dubbed me yesterday) can do this for their family and NOT gain 5 lbs every week.  Frankly, I had a GREAT time, I just used all the food to calm my nerves and keep me relaxed.  I'll bring a HUGE diet Pepsi next time with a huge baggy of grape tomatoes and sugar snap peas.  I don't think that Zanax is a good thing for a babysitter to take.... right? ;D
ps- I posted Baby-boo's picture right below this entry :)

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