Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Notes about Valentine's Day

I plotted and planed for Valentine's day for nearly a week.  Over the week, I made adjustments to my tracker as we decided what we were going to eat.  The Cubano Dogs were a HIT!  We saw the Dogs on Rachel Ray.  We used spicy brown mustard instead of the jalapeño mustard.  The Cubano Dog was well worth the 12 ppv.  The sugar cookies were made by my daughters friend.  She makes them every year to help pay for all of her sports.  Another item that was TOTALLY worth the ppvs!  Over all I am very pleased with the whole day.  Now, I did start the day off not feeling very well,though.  I woke up with what I thought was the stomach flu, but it was either the fastest stomach flu in the history of the world or a nasty migraine.  Food poisoning, maybe?  I was totally sick for about 3 hours then suddenly all better :)  It was a Valentine's Day MIRACLE!!!  My hubby did come home from work around 11 with a nasty cold and slept for most of the day.  We were tons of fun ;)  
Oh, about 8:30pm, I figured that I'd better get my booty on the treadmill and exercise bike.  I kept trying to convince myself that I could take it easy because I had been so sick in the morning, but really, at that point I was not fooling anyone and NOT exercising was a lame thing to do.  ....especially after ALL I ate.
I'm going to BYU today to get by body fat measured :D  I have been so low on my activity for the past 4 months while recovering, I figure that it would be a great base line for the beginning of my journey to 100#'s.  I'll get it retested in the fall before the St George Marathon.  The last time I had it tested, about 2 years ago I was 22._.  I am sure I am WAY higher than that now.  Taking all of this time off of running and other activity has really affected my fitness.  I suppose we shall see ;)

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