Saturday, February 12, 2011

So I kinda cheated....

So, I am not sure if this really matters, but its definitely NOT in the WW rules.  We had to move date night from Saturday night to Friday night.  My regular weigh in day is Saturday and my WPPA turn over on Saturday as well.  I usually wipe out my wppa on Saturday.  Since I had to go out for dinner on Friday night instead, I weighed in Friday morning and attended Tracy's FABULOUS meeting.  I lost 1.2 # :)  7.4 total since the holidays.  So here is where the rule breaking comes in... I put half of my Friday night pizza consumption on Saturdays tracker :O  I would have put the ice cream on Saturday too, but I am quite sure that I am going to need some of this weeks WPPA for Monday's sugar cookie extravaganza.  I will be faced with sugar cookies twice on Monday, and I'd better be prepared.  Once in my 4th graders class and then once for dessert.  I ordered sugar cookies from one of my daughters friends.  They are might tasty and she will make them with extra frosting just for me :D  (I am not punctuating correctly.  I should be using semicolons or colons or something.  I should have payed more attention in english!)
I ended up using all of my APPA for last week, all 62 of them.  Again, this week I am going to do my DARNEDEST to not eat the APPA.  I am likely to fail.  Now I could be REALLY unrealistic and move all of my Friday pizza to Saturday and wipe out my entire WPPA for this week, but there is NO way that I will not BLOW it with the frosted sugar cookies on Monday.  Not a chance!
So there is my confession.

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