Friday, January 29, 2010


Good news!  I was down 1.8 #'s this morning from last week :)  I am finally back at goal :)  Phew!  Just in time for the end of the month weigh-in :)  I ate ALL of my daily points, my WPA and I still had 25 of my activity points uneaten :)  I did have more when I posted, but then found one more LARGE piece of fudge hiding in the freezer.  I have a little bit left for a bed time snack today.  I think ALL of the fudge is finally gone... probably :)  Any hoots, I am really happy about how the whole week went.  My WPA made it all the way through the weekend to Sunday :)  I didn't annihilate my activity points :)  I would have had 10 more left, but I flaked on running on Tuesday :p  Oh well :)  I feel good, and that is VERY important!!!
Happy Friday!  Oh, I still have to be very good today, I have to do my official weigh in for the month in the morning.  Wish me luck ;D

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